What is Shiatsu?
Why receive a Shiatsu at Magic Of Receiving with Armelle? Because Receiving is a skill you can learn to master and Magic will unfold unexpectedly. Because Shiatsu helps you connect with your breath and your body to release stress stuck in your body. Because stress can manifest physically, mentally and emotionally and Shiatsu can address all levels. Some call it Treatment some call it Massage, Shiatsu is a hands-on physical therapy that comes from Japan. It is based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine framework. It consists in comfortable pressure, acupressure, stretches and rotations to allow you to drop out of your head and in your body and explore new sensations, insights, releases to feel lighter, freer, less stressed and more present. Although Shiatsu has ancient roots, its popularization came about quite recently, in the 40s when Tokujiro Namikoshi created the first Shiatsu College in Tokyo. Since then different styles of Shiatsu have emerged and as I have studied with various teachers, I combine various styles. Don’t listen to Wikipedia that claims there’s no evidence of the effectiveness of Shiatsu. Actually don’t trust Wikipedia full stop. Shiatsu has a profound effect on the nervous system which is no small matter. Stress is a pandemic in today’s society. The Shiatsu Therapy Association of Australia (STAA) is currently gathering studies from around the world to show the benefits of Shiatsu. https://www.staa.org.au/research My unique style of Shiatsu is very nurturing and caring, taking into account your state of being at the time of the session, your needs and what your body and lifestyle tell me about you. I create a peaceful loving space where I help you let go of the outside world and its stresses. We explore how to reconnect you with the parts of your body that lack awareness using movement, breath, stretches, acupressure points and meridians. Together we will address your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing and you'll walk away feeling more aware and alive with practical tools to implement in your life. If you have any questions, I’m more than happy to have a chat with you.