Picture a little 5 year-old girl standing on a bench behind her kinder garden teacher massaging her shoulders.
A few decades later, that little girl is now a grown-up woman and lives tens of thousands of kms away from that kinder garden but she is still gifted with her touch and keeps sharing it.

Armelle arrived in Melbourne in 2010 to work as a cosmetic chemist after this role had taken her to the west coast of the US, the UK and France as she was born and obtained her Master’s degree there.
Even though she quickly settled in Melbourne and found her tribe, her job and her dating life were very unfulfilling and after a couple of years, lead to skin and gut issues.

Fortunately she stumbled upon a few life-changing embodiment courses that helped her health and well-being and opened her curiosity. After an open day at the Australian Shiatsu College, Armelle decided to enroll in their Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies Diploma in 2013.
During her studies, she realized that Shiatsu was the framework she needed to connect the dots and started a part-time practice from home.
In 2016 she co-created a community shiatsu clinic to offer affordable and accessible shiatsu treatments.

She is committed to helping people feel more aware and alive.
She is also a part-time business development manager and understands the challenges of the corporate world.

She’s very grounded and offers a unique style of Shiatsu, very nurturing and caring, taking into account her clients’ state of being at the time of the session, their needs and what their body and lifestyle tell her.

About Armelle